Blogs to Read

Natasha Metzler
The tagline for her blog is "where the brokenness of life meets the glory of redemption."  Her posts have consistently ministered to my heart through this journey.  So much wisdom.

Oaks Replanted
Currently enjoying her series "From Protected to Projected: A series about raising kids with adulthood in mind."

Kindred Grace
I'm not sure when I first came across this site, but I've been following it for quite some time.  Biblical content with lots of variety.

I went to college with one of the women who started this ministry in Uganda.  I've loved following this story as it unfolds.

A Life Overseas
While I am currently stateside I have spent several years abroad.  This is my absolute favorite blog about life overseas "A Life Overseas provides that place of online connection for Christ-following missionaries and humanitarian aid workers living in foreign countries– from the past, present, or future."